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Cynthia Attar
Cynthia Attar
Ex-Mule Trainer
Animal Communicator & Healer

Books by Cynthia Attar

The Mule Companion
A Guide to Understanding the Mule

by Cynthia Attar


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The Mule Companion

This fourth edition of The Mule Companion is a comprehensive book on mules with new photos of many real people and mules doing real mule activities. The Mule Companion has been called an excellent ‘mule primer’ for those people just getting into mules. However, the book also hosts an in-depth study of why mules do what they do, their idiosyncrasies, training, and problem solving. Also, the book is rich with ‘how to’ information on: caring for, breeding for, fitting tack on, buying, and mule activities, past and present.


A must for all new mule owners. --Sue Cole, Mules & More Magazine

This book was written in a way that the “rookie” mule owner could relate while still teaching the veteran owner. --MJ Reynold, PA

Reading this fascinating book gave me quite an insight…helped me tremendously when we got our first mules over here in Australia. …it was a plain, good, entertaining read. Thanks. --C & B Emmett

If you’re thinking of getting ules, this book contains loads of important information to start you off on the right foot (or hoof). --Rural Heritage Magazine

This is an extremely insightful look at mules and their human companions. My own mules have suggested that [the author] must be part mule to understand them so well! --Lynn Foster, Outfitters Supply

…between your book, The Mule Companion, and Dollar [mule], we learned alot about mules. --MBloodsworth

I’d definitely recommend it as “required reading” for anyone contemplating teaming up with one of these wonderful animals.

This is a good book, full of information and easy to read. A reader, new to mules, will find straight answers to basic questions.

I like it because it satisfies my need as a soon-to-be mule owner with horse experience, and it promises to be useful as a reference for years to come. I’m very glad to have it in my library.

I can’t recommend this little book enough! It is packed full of solid, common-sense wisdom that no mule owner should lack. Attar’s approach is friendly and easy to follow. A must-have for every mule lover’s library!

About the Author

Cynthia Attar, previously a mule trainer—schooled by the mule itself, learned how the mule mind works. Using this information, she obtained amazing results without force, fear, or pain. With a deep love for mules, Cynthia now empowers others to understand these long-eared equines, and aims to show how great mules truly are and to show the bond that mules and their people share. Currently as one who communicates with all animals, and aids in their healing, Cynthia resides in Washington State with her animal friends. She continues to write and share her passions with the world.

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