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Jennifer Seet
Jennifer Seet
Paranormal Mystery
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Snow Signs
by Jennifer Seet


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Snow Signs

The unknown is a mystery; mysteries are ghost stories.

Snow Signs is the story of a retired female state police detective who is haunted by the unsolved case of a young deaf woman who disappeared four years ago. It tests the boundaries of belief by including the possibility of life beyond.

After retirement, Claire Dungarven begins her second career as an author by writing about her most compelling and frustrating case. Libby Newman vanished off the face of the earth and Claire wants to find her. Maybe by writing about her, she can find peace for herself and, in the process, find out what happened to Libby.

As she explores the facts of the case, she comes face-to-face with signs in the snow that mirror the truth. Could these signs be clues to the mystery? Or, are they sinister reminders left in the yard? The cryptic signs mount, and Claire is threatened by their existence… and by the uncertainty of who put them there.

She enlists the help of Jim Hoppes, the chief deputy sheriff of the lakes conservancy where she lives, and together they work to uncover the answer of what happened to Libby Newman. They need help along the way and get it from the most improbable sources--skeptical fellow police officers, a psychic and a spirit.

The mystery unravels in the dark confines of a nature park, where the investigator, the perpetrator and the victim all share their identities. The revelations might lead to truth… or another disappearance.

Book Review

"When someone disappears without a trace, the uncertainty makes it the toughest case possible. Snow Signs follows retired detective Claire Dungarven, who's dragged back into her career by the disappearance of one Libby Newman. Dead or alive, the trail is uncertain as Claire is dragged back onto the force to gather all the clues and hints to finding what became of Libby. Snow Signs is a riveting mystery of missing persons and will appeal well to mystery fans.
- Midwest Book Review, Feb. 2009

About the Author

Jennifer Seet is the author of Borderland and now Snow Signs. Both are fictional paranormal thrillers set in the hills of southern Indiana. Jennifer is a retired teacher from the Indiana School for the Deaf, who lives in Brown County, Indiana, with her husband, Bob. She has always had a fascination for and even some personal experiences with the spirit world.

Mrs. Seet has also written professionally on the subject of Deaf Education and Autism, having two adult sons with the disability.

While working at the Indiana School for the Deaf, she wrote several short stories for a federally-funded literacy project for deaf children. When she started her writing career after retirement, her fellow teachers at the school urged her to include deaf characters in her books. Snow Signs is a first offering at fulfilling that promise to her dear friends at the school and in the Deaf community.

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