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Sean Ryan Stuart
Historical Fiction Writer

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'Das Haus' the House and the Son of the Rabbi:
A Novel

by Sean Ryan Stuart


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: The Discussion

Chapter 3: The Adventure Begins

Chapter 4: Wilkommen - Welcome

Chapter 5: Arbeit Macht Frei - Work Will Set You Free

Chapter 6: Krystalnacht - The Night of the Crystal

Chapter 7: Forgotten Memories

Chapter 8: The Real Heroes

Chapter 9: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 10: Auf Widersehen! - Goodbye!

Chapter 11: Life Goes On

Chapter 12: Terror!

Chapter 13: “Visitor”

Chapter 14: Back to Germany

Chapter 15: Buchenwald - Beech Woods Concentration Camp

Chapter 16: Jedem das Seine - To Each His Own

Chapter 17: “Homecoming”

Chapter 18: The Trap

Chapter 19: Lucky?

Chapter 20: Rescued?

Chapter 21: Desperation

Chapter 22: Savior?

Chapter 23: Back Home in Niedergeyer

Chapter 24: Freedom?

Chapter 25: America at Last!

Chapter 26: Delay en Route

Chapter 27: Crisis at Home

Chapter 28: SS NORMANDIE

Chapter 29: War in the Atlantic

Chapter 30: Return to Aachen

Chapter 31: Going to War

Chapter 32: Chicago 1939-1941

Chapter 33: “You’re in the Army Now!”

Chapter 34: From Bad to Worse

Chapter 35: Combat in Africa, Sicily, Italy and Normandy

Chapter 36: Attack on Aachen by the Allies

Chapter 37: Battle of the Bulge

Chapter 38: The End Is Near

Chapter 39: The Funeral

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'Das Haus' the House and the Son of the Rabbi:
A Novel

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