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W. E. Gutman

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Adrift: Life in Transit
by W. E. Gutman


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Adrift: Life in Transit

ADRIFT reads like an autobiographical time capsule, a treasure trove of personal recollections, historical events and candid, often caustic ruminations on the human condition, the press and America. A seasoned journalist, the author challenges preconceived notions and casts a cunning, often savage eye at cherished beliefs and conventions as he himself struggles to find his “place” in an ill-fitting world.

About the Author

Born in Paris, W. E. Gutman is a widely published veteran journalist and author. Since 1991 he has been on assignment in Central America where he covers politics, human rights and other socio-economic themes. He lives with his wife in southern California’s “high desert.”

Other recent works by Mr. Gutman include: Journey to Xibalba – The Subversion of Human Rights in Central America and NOCTURNES – Tales From The Dreamtime.

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Adrift: Life in Transit

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