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W. E. Gutman
W. E. Gutman

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One Night in Copán
Chronicles of Madness Foretold
Tales of Mystery, Fantasy and Horror

by W. E. Gutman


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One Night in Copán: Chronicles of Madness Foretold, Tales of Mystery, Fantasy and Horror

“Pray tell, who are the mad, and who are the meek who inherit the wind?”

From the author of A PALER SHADE OF RED -- Memoirs of a Radical; FLIGHT FROM EIN SOF and THE INVENTOR comes this collection of gritty, satirical, chilling, iconoclastic, always ferocious and unrepentant dystopias. Death and virgin birth, immortality and cannibalism, paradise and hell, the cosmos, bigotry and vigilantism, close encounters, wars to end all wars, hallucinations, disquieting prophecies and insanity -- mainly insanity -- are the forces that drive ONE NIGHT IN COPÁN.

Oscillating between parody and polemic, allegory and unalloyed horror, paradox and hyperbole, the apocalyptic canvases W. E. Gutman paints can be read as one man’s antidote for the despotism of inflexible creeds and the paralyzing effects of groupthink.

A work of hyper-realism, this collection of thirteen tales uses bizarre, fantastic, sometimes ghoulish, always disquieting devices to capture and expose truths that people ensconced in ideological cocoons ignore, shirk or refute.

About the Author

Born in Paris, W. E. Gutman is a veteran journalist. A former writer at the late-great futurist magazine, OMNI, and former U.S. editor of the Moscow-based SCIENCE IN THE USSR, he worked in Central America from 1994 to 2006. He lives with his wife in southern California.

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