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Kelly Rysten
Kelly Rysten
Action & Romance
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A Double Dose of Trouble
A Cassidy Callahan Adventure Novel

by Kelly Rysten


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A Double Dose of Trouble: A Cassidy Callahan Novel

A Double Dose of Trouble features
two tracking adventure stories in one book.

A Pit of Trouble: How do you meet your new neighbors? Bring them a plate of cookies? Not Cassidy. She canít do anything without falling into either adventure or trouble, and meeting her neighbors is no different. Newly married and finding her way around her new neighborhood, Cassidy meets both adventure and danger as she follows a famous nature photographer on his quest for the Island Fox and later meets up with canines of a different sort. A pit of trouble might just be more than Cassidy can handle.

Merry Troubled Christmas: What do you do when you make a promise to a child? You keep it, thatís what. When that child takes after his trouble-magnet Aunt Cassidy, a visit from a nephew can be quite an adventure. Throw in the snowstorm of the century and a little undercover work, and Cassidyís Christmas takes a humorous and harrowing turn for the worse.

About the Author

Kelly Rysten is the author of four novels featuring Cassidy, the trouble magnet tracker who works for the Joshua Hills Search and Rescue. Kelly lives in Southern California with her husband and crazy Shetland sheepdog. She has two grown children and two grandchildren. For fun and relaxation she enjoys geocaching, oil painting, and exploring the deserts and mountains near the Antelope Valley. As long as Cassidy keeps tracking Kelly will continue writing down her adventures, and there are many more Cassidy adventures in the works. Kelly also frequently has her own geocaching experiences published in FTF Geocacher Magazine.

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A Double Dose of Trouble
A Cassidy Callahan Adventure Novel

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