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S. Robertson
S. Robertson
Retired Nurse

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The Celtic Serpent
by S. Robertson


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The Celtic Serpent

Angi Talismann thought her life was firmly on track. She was the Director of an Emergency Department of a large teaching hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. But her destiny was elsewhere. Within days she was diagnosed with cancer and her grandmother was attacked by an international thief who was after a family heirloom, a medallion. Prior to her death, her grandmother had insisted that if anything ever happened to her, Angi must contact an old acquaintance in the United States regarding the medallion. This Boston contact was a descendant of a select group of 17th century families who immigrated from Britain to North America in the 1600s. What little Angi remembered was that members of this chosen group were sworn to protect something until the ďComing TimesĒ. Her grandmotherís death was the chilling signal of the beginning of such times.

Heading to the United States, Angi agonized over her role in revealing a family secret which had been held sacred for generations. In Boston, she meets three descendants of this secret society, of which she was also a member. From there she must travel on to Ireland and Scotland to search for answers to a 300 year old mystery. There she plunges into a Celtic world of mythology and ancient history for which she is ill prepared. Nothing in her professional life had prepared her for this. The unfolding journey creates friends of strangers as they try to stay ahead of a killer who knows more about the historical and material value of the medallion than they do and will stop at nothing to gain its power. As they travel, the past, present and future begin to merge.

About the Author

Sally Robertson, born in Prince Edward Island, obtained her Bachelor and Masterís degrees in Canada, and her PhD from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master, author of The Pebble, co-author of Mission to India and Invitation to Canada, and lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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The Celtic Serpent

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