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Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D.

Books by Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D.

ABR: You Can Read!
Adult Beginning Reader Program

by Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D.


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ABR: You Can Read! Adult Beginning Reader Program

ABR: You Can Read! is a unique, comprehensive, Basic Essentials Literacy Learning Curriculum and Tutoring Program. It is specifically designed to help adults improve basic reading skills. It has 3 sections: Letters (sight and sounds); Words (900 Sight & Rhyming Words; 1200+ Practical Literacy Words in 29 Units); and Let's Learn (900+ key Words in 49 Academic and Civics Units). Each learning session can incorporate varied units.

Millions of American adults (17.5%) are at beginning reading levels, and many others want to improve English Language skills. This extensive collection of units fits a wide variety of learning needs and styles and builds on the rich vocabulary and experiential foundations adults already have. In addition to use in Adult Literacy Programs, it has practical use in ESL, Family Literacy and Workplace Literacy Programs, as well as in Schools and for Home Study.

ABR: You Can Read! provides extensive exposure to a wide range of Letter and Word Study skills. It fills education gaps and builds a foundation of academic concepts. Approaches blend Sight and Sound Recognition, Word Attack Skills and Functional Literacy content so individuals can optimally learn and be proudly told, "You Can Read!"

About the Author

Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D. is an experienced educator. For over 35 years, he has taught and administered at all educational levels -- Preschool / Montessori, Primary, Intermediate / Middle and High School levels and has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Education.

Dr. Zorn developed K-8th grade curricula, methods and educational programs to improve Literacy Skills through Experience / Interest-Oriented Learning approaches. For over a decade, he has volunteer-tutored adults at beginning reading levels and created innovative and effective materials to help adults optimally improve Basic and Functional Reading Skills.

Dr. Zorn has a B.A. Degree from Temple University in Psychology and Education, a Master Degree and Doctorate from The University of Pennsylvania in Curriculum and Administration and Superintendent Certification from Beaver College (Arcadia U.). Dr. Zorn has published articles on education, authored several children's books, served as a Curriculum Research Associate at Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street), and has conducted Workshops around the country at National Conferences for Adult Literacy.

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ABR: You Can Read!
Adult Beginning Reader Program

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