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R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Contemporary & Western
Fiction Writer

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Dreams of Paradise
by R B Conroy


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Dreams of Paradise

Broke and down on her luck, attractive, and well-spoken Susan Harris takes a job cleaning a real estate office in a nearby retirement community called The Villages. Intoxicated by the beautiful surroundings in The Villages, the downtrodden Susan falls in love with the exciting enclave. Soon she is having a recurring dream about living there with a rich, doting husband. Her cleaning companion at the real estate office is Joe Stone, a widowed doctor who after years of a high intensity medical career, enjoys the low-pressure job. After a few weeks on the job, Susan suddenly realizes that the wealthy doctor could be the man of her dreams. Using her good looks and charm, she goes to work on the unsuspecting doctor and soon they are a couple. Unfortunately for Susan, her drug-addicted son Willie, sees his motherís wealthy suitor in a far different light. This page-turner takes the reader on a riveting journey into the exciting life of The Villages and the seedy, corrupt world of son Willie. In the shocking conclusion, the two worlds collide in a deadly explosion that sends shock waves through The Villages and leaves the reader shaking his head.

About the Author

R B once again uses the setting of his winter home, The Villages, Florida to create his sixth novel and the second in his Paradise series. In Dreams of Paradise R B taps into several issues in modern society--the growing gap between the rich and the poor, drug addiction, and illegal immigration, to create a fast-paced story of desire, deception, and finally murder.

R Bís novels can be found on all the dot.coms, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. They are also available on Kindle, Nook, and most e-books.

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