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Dave Aquino
Dave Aquino

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Blam! “That one’s for me,” Ted said, as he shoots and kills Peggy Reddick for what seems to be no justification. Jack Reddick, (Peggy’s husband) a cop, on the hardest case of his life, feels the murder was pay-back for arrests he made. Willing do whatever it takes to find the man he wants, Jack will torment himself, while abandoning his children, who need him more than ever.

No leads, no motive and no trace of this man named Ted, Jack finds himself going crazy to know why. If given the opportunity to put everything on the line, just for a chance to find Ted, will Jack do it? Will he be fortunate enough to know what really happened? Or will Ted, without knowing it, end up killing Jack as well?

About the Author

Dave Aquino is the author of several novels, including Personal War, Personal War Part 2, Counselor and The Slot Machine. He is working on his next novel.

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