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Nick L. Sacco
Nick L. Sacco
Author, Retired Marine,
Retired Police Officer

Books by Nick L. Sacco

Death Card
A Novel by Nick L. Sacco

© 2013

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Death Card

A United States president mad with power declares himself dictator, suspends the Constitution and declares war on the American public.

Unleashing a reign of terror, the United States citizens find themselves victims of a tyrannical ruler harsher than Stalin or Hitler. In the Midwest, the general of a nuclear armed Air Force base fights back and members of the DEATH CARD militia rise up to challenge the presidentís private army.

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About the Author

Nick L. Sacco served in the United States Marine Corps where he was trained to be a silent but deadly USMC sniper. Nick is also a retired police motorcycle officer from Kansas City, Missouri. He is a proud ultraconservative and an American patriot who travels full-time across the country, constantly remaining off the grid and outside the reach of government spying and intrusion. Nick Sacco is an at-large member of the United States Marine Corps League and former Commandant of the Kansas City, Missouri Detachment.

He was also the founder and President of the first Fraternal Order of Police Chapter in Kansas City, Missouri. Along with his smoking hot girlfriend Marcy, Nick remains on the move, seldom remaining in the same location for more than a few days, and always vigilant of government threats to our freedoms.

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