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Kelly Rysten
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Geocaching (jee-oh-kash-ing) noun.
The act of using a GPS receiver to locate hidden containers. A hobby, similar to a treasure hunt, using technological advancements to guide the way. Using military satellites to find cheap toys and trinkets. A hobby in which people accidentally find beauty, adventure, and sometimes love while purposely searching for containers hidden in odd places.

Gwendolyn Amelia Brody is about to learn exactly what geocaching is. And Tony Van Yancy is just the right man to teach her.

About the Author

Kelly Rysten has been geocaching since 2010 and has accumulated over 2,200 finds. Although that is not many in geocaching terms, she and her husband have learned that it is the journey and not the numbers that count. Many of the caches in this book are inspired by geocaches she has found in real life. She has seen countless roads, forests, odd rocks and trees, mine tunnels, and yes, even dragon houses because of geocaching. TSPI and Rysten have left their mark in geocache logs all over the southwest United States and look forward to many years of tromping around interesting places in search of hidden containers. Kelly is also the author of the Cassidy Callahan Adventure Novels and is a frequent contributor to FTF Geocacher Magazine.

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