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Dave Aquino
Dave Aquino

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Personal War Part 3
by Dave Aquino

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Personal War Part 3

It looks like William Defrenoís finally made it. He has a home, his friends, a girl, and has transformed himself into a successful business owner. Having put his infamous past behind him, William now looks forward to quieter days and enjoying the fruits of his hard work.

But when a dispute over his old track record threatens his business and a con man moves in on his family, William suddenly finds everything heís worked so hard for starting to unravel. Instead of enjoying his well earned peace, he soon finds himself fighting his hardest battles yet.

As the bitter fight continues, the business suffers and Williamís new respectable image is damaged. Old friends grow distant and the people he loves begin to seem like strangers.

Soon it becomes clear that the harder he fights to hold on to his new life the closer it comes to slipping away.

Can William survive his third Personal War? Or will one bad night send him into a downward spiral that he canít pull out of?

About the Author

Dave Aquino is the author of several novels, including Personal War, Personal War Part 2, Personal War Part 3, Counselor and The Slot Machine. He is working on his next novel.

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Personal War Part 3

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