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Ed Lee and Dustin
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Books by Ed Lee, Dustin and The Poser Artist

Aunt Rita and the Women's Reform League
The Second Graphic Novel of the Aunt Rita Trilogy
by Ed Lee, Dustin and The Poser Artist


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Aunt Rita and the Women's Reform League: The Seconf Graphic Novel of the Aunt Rita Trilogy

Touching on the "how-tos" and drives behind erotic corporal punishment, in this second graphic novel of the Nu-West/Leda Aunt Rita trilogy, Rita becomes involved with a group of women who donate to and help "reform" the inmates of a local minimum security prison.

About the Authors

When it comes to the portrayal of erotic spanking, Ed Lee was the original trailblazer through his company Nu-West/Leda. Nu-West is the oldest and largest producer of spanking and corporal punishment related videos in the world. The company began in 1978 by selling photo sets and 8MM movies. Four years later they produced their first video, and now have over a thousand titles.
No matter what your taste in discipline that involves a female, whether it is female submissive, female dominant, spanking, caning, strapping or whipping, you will find something that interests you in their huge collection of videos. Checkout their large selection of free video previews at:

The Poser Artist is a relatively new author, who creates fantasy artwork and stories featuring traditional (M/F, F/M, F/F) corporal punishment carried out in authoritarian settings (prison, school, domestic) - where the characters act thinly oblivious to the inherent sexuality of administering discipline to a well shaped, submissively posed backside. For plausibility, the stories are set in time periods or places where such practices were (or are) a very much justified, accepted, and even encouraged norm - creating a “romance novel” effect with artwork that’s neither too heavy (into the BDSM scene) nor too light (at the unicorns and roses end of the scale). More of The Poser Artist’s work can be viewed at:

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Aunt Rita and the Women's Reform League

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Worldwide release: January 2015

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