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Ann Palmer
Ann Palmer
Actress, Writer, Producer,
Director, Ordained Minister

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Intermingled Destinies
Between A Mother and Daughter

by Ann Palmer


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Intermingled Destinies<br>Between A Mother and Daughter

After the better part of a decade of a hectic marriage with an alcoholic husband in Florida, Ann Palmer returned to what seemed to always be home to her – California – where she had spent her adult years. Recreating her life in Hollywood this time seemed to draw her back to where memories flowed of places she and her daughter, Debbie, lived and things they did together. In those earlier days Ann renewed her career in the film and TV industries when she moved back to Los Angeles after staying in Palm Springs for Debbie's last year of school. She sought jobs more in film and television production than in acting. Debbie had waited too late to get into any college classes she preferred, so she took a job working in a Beverly Hills stockbroker's office. It wasn't long before Debbie got bored with her job so when a friend asked her to ride back to Texas, off she went. Before long she decided to stay in Dallas, sharing an apartment with a girlfriend.

Since Debbie seemed to be settling into her own adult life – Ann embarked on her potential new beginning. The time seemed right, as her life had been focused on what was best for Debbie. She tried a job in the downtown Los Angeles Apparel Mart, but only experienced frustrations. In order to survive the day-to-day boring job, she began thinking about exploring life in Europe where she had lived for six months in Rome in the early 1960's while working on the film "Cleopatra."

With this hoped for New Beginning in Europe, Ann faced many ordeals and problems from the day she arrived. She left London for a small town to relax, renew and begin writing. Dreary weather set in that seemed to urge her to keep moving on, first to Paris. Exciting but strange experiences there urged her on to other countries and to eventually stay on in Monte Carlo where she decided to rent an apartment and delve into her writing. In this romantic place, of course, she was open to potential love and romance!

When summer faded away, she was off to Germany in a seemingly romantic adventure with a well-tanned German (who lost some charm as the tan faded). After a month or so she received a disturbing phone call and was forced to leave Europe. Thus began the worst part of her life that lingers on throughout the years, but always realizing that we choose to succumb or conquer, Ann chose to conquer!

Ann had always sought deeper and deeper spiritual awakening while understanding that no religion could provide the total answer. This quest has dominated her life ever since and becoming more and more enlightened, Ann's need has been to share these realizations with others to this day.

About the Author

From early childhood Ann Palmer questioned religions as well as feeling she didn’t belong to her family or circumstances. Moving frequently did not build confidence but an early fashion modeling career did. New York City didn’t seem a place to raise a small daughter, but Hollywood did where the money was in TV commercials. She realized she needed to study acting. Success through acting for ego reasons was never her goal. Ann believed that producing uplifting television was her life’s goal. Commercials, small parts in film and TV followed through the years. All the while focusing on being a mother with unconditional love, plus the strength of a father. One highlight of her career was a part in the 20th Century Fox feature film “Cleopatra” that was shooting in Rome. As a Persian Princess, Ann was one of the only American women to appear in this cinematic epic. Later in her career she appeared in classic films like “Love With A Proper Stranger” and “Bonnie and Clyde.” Ann appeared as a nurse on “General Hospital” for 14 years.

She always sought creative goals and worked in many areas of production - as a casting director, production assistant, and producer for an ad agency. Another milestone involved producing and hosting 250 cable TV shows, 52 of them in Mexico. She left Hollywood believing producing her shows could then be syndicated nationally. Finally giving up on that, she moved to Mexico, but that lasted only six months, then it was back to Palm Springs. As an ordained minister, Ann has officiated at over 400 weddings. After 9/11 Ann bought a 37-foot motor home and headed out for a writing sabbatical and ended up in Asheville, North Carolina. She has four published books, articles, and poems. Her ever-constant research into spiritual evolution has lead her in many areas of Metaphysics. She is an expert in many areas of the spiritual evolution, lecturing and teaching classes. Ann has never allowed seeming failures, grief or disappointment in career, family or friends to destroy her. They have only made her a stronger “survivor.” Her hopes and goals are always for helping others through her efforts in writing and television. No time to ever give up!

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Between A Mother and Daughter

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