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Susan Kohler
Susan Kohler
Romance and Christian Fiction Writer

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Beautiful in the Lord's Eyes
Sometimes, Real Beauty Shines After A Tragedy

by Susan Kohler


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Beautiful the Lord's Eyes: Sometimes, Real Beauty Shines After A Tragedy

Beautiful in the Lord's Eyes tells the timeless Christian story of hope and redemption from a perspective many are afraid to touch in this age of political correctness. The book deals with an initially unrepentant Muslim terrorist who zealously attempts to impose Sharia law on an innocent young Christian model. At a time when similar things are happening across America such as the attempted massacre at a private event drawing pictures of Muhammad in Garland, Texas, the story in Beautiful in the Lord's Eyes could easily be ripped from today's news headlines.

Rather than attempt to present a sanitized version of Islam this book presents a reality that is faced by many Christians around the world today. Yet rather than leave the reader with a message of condemnation, it reminds us that Christ came to die for the sins of all, even those who follow the false religion of Islam and are murderous extremists. Yet the book does so in a respectful rather than a condescending way that makes what happens seem highly probable.

About the Author

Susan Kohler lives in Tennessee with her Boston Terrier, Oreo, and her rescued dog Sable. She's semi-retired, and writes in her spare time. This is her eighth published book, and she's had one of her previous books translated into Spanish. Beautiful in the Lord's Eyes is a departure for Susan, and is her first Christian novel. She has also written four romance novels. The first, The Heart of The Beast, is a dark historical romance, but the other three, Working Romance, Who's Taming Who? and Dreaming of Tomorrow are contemporary.

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