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W. E. Gutman
W. E. Gutman

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Morpheus Possessed
The Conflict Between Dream and Reality

by W. E. Gutman


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Morpheus Possessed: The Conflict Between Dream and Reality

Morpheus Possessed is a book about dreams. In it, the author, who unabashedly shares some of his most graphic and bizarre visions, asks: Do we dream the life we live? Or are we the misshapen leftovers of someone else's wild imagination? Are the memories we erect and store along the way mere mental constructs lacking tangible reality? If life is a wakeful dream, is reality the lethal mirror image of the dreams we weave? One thing is clear: When we cease to dream, all that we are ceases to be. Everything else is a tawdry cliché.

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About the Author

W. E. Gutman is a retired journalist. A former editor and writer at the late-great New York City-based futurist monthly, OMNI, he reported from Central America from 1994 to 2006. He has contributed hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles and is the author of nine books. He lives with his wife in southern California's "high desert."

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