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Jeff Storm
Jeff Storm
Children's Author, Teacher

Books by Jeff Storm

No Return Land, Determine Your Destiny No. 2
You Are the Hero of This Book!

Written by Jeff Storm
Illustrated by Harvey Chan


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No Return Land, Determine Your Destiny No. 2: You Are the Hero of This Book!

The deadly flooding of our planet... evil lady with astounding mental powers...

...a desolated island faraway... army of crazy fanatics...

...and YOU...

This time you must fight to determine our world's destiny. Your decisions and exceptional skills will decide the fate of the Earth. Only YOU can succeed. Get ready to defend the lives of seven billion people and hang on to yours!

About the Author

As a young boy, Jeff Storm did not really enjoy reading. He could not relate to most books offered to him and quickly got bored reading them. One day his mother introduced him to all sorts of action packed books written by the elusive French writer Henri Vernes and the American icon Robert Ludlum. Jeff was hooked. He loved the martial arts sequences, the good triumphing over evil, and the bandits being stopped. He felt a strong connection to the stories, sometimes imagining he was the hero catching the bad guys. As he read those books, he had a vision: someday, he would start his own collection of books where the reader is the hero of the story... and he did, adding many incredible twists to his outstanding and unique work!

Besides being a passionate writer, Jeff Storm is a dedicated teacher with many years of experience under his belt. I love children and find that every day, I am learning something new from them. If I can inspire my students to use their creativity and imagination in a positive way in order to reach their personal goals and have the success they want, I have done my job.

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No Return Land, Determine Your Destiny No. 2

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