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Kelly Rysten
Kelly Rysten
Action & Mystery
Fiction Writer

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Looking for Trouble
A Cassidy Adventure Novel

by Kelly Rysten


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Looking for Trouble: A Cassidy Adventure Novel

Under the floorboards of a ruined homestead near Joshua Hills, desert rattlesnakes guard a decades-old family rivalry and a long-hidden treasure that should have remained in the past. In the ruins, Cassidy Michaels, a tracker for Joshua Hills Search and Rescue, uncovers a map hidden for almost a century that leads her ever-deeper into danger of the deadly variety. Cassidy puts herself at risk in order to protect an elusive cat burglar and fellow treasure hunter determined to find Ronald Kingsley's famous jewelry, long-lost in one of the homesteads. Her life is complicated by Misty Montague, a rival from Cassidy's high school days, who will stop at nothing to lure away Cassidy's husband.

About the Author

Kelly Rysten was born in Rockledge, Florida and grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She enjoys geocaching, oil painting and exploring the deserts and mountains of the southwest. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Gary, has two grown children, two grandchildren and a Shetland sheep dog. She has published five novels starring Cassidy and has many more of Cassidy’s adventures waiting to be published. Kelly is also the author of Geogirl, an action adventure romance novel that incorporates the hobby of geocaching.

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Looking for Trouble
A Cassidy Adventure Novel

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