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David Mathews
David Mathews

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The Serpent's Seed
They're Among Us

by David Mathews


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The Serpent's Seed: They're Among Us

Since the epoch failure of Adam in Eden, Mankind's journey has been fraught with peril. An adversary awaits our every step lurking in the shadows of tradition. This Enemy enjoys relative anonymity. The only viable, available instruction manual - The Bible - has been intentionally mistranslated, separated from the origins of the Hebrew language and thus, depriving those who would escape the clutches of this ravening beast any semblance of victory. The mechanisms of Mainstream religion are culpable, our Pastors complicit, in the single greatest cover-up imaginable! Because of what amounts to as history's most scandalous lie - Religion's traditional denial of the literal, physical existence of this Monster of destruction - known forever as the Dragon, the infamous Serpent, first seen in Genesis' garden encounter - we are not prepared for what is coming: The Final introduction of: THE SERPENT'S SEED!

This Book will unravel the mystery, taking you on a mind-staggering ride as we delve into the language of Creation - Hebrew - we will pull back the cover, exposing that ancient Nemesis! You will be challenged; you will be stretched beyond the bounds of what many will call 'reason'. Yet, you will be given ample, proven Scriptural and extra-Biblical evidence that simply cannot be refuted, period! You have been chosen. Read this book. Educate yourself and prepare those you love so that you may defend yourselves from the final onslaught! Make no mistake!

They Exist - The Serpent's Seed: They're Among Us!

About the Author

David Mathews is the Pastor/Founder of Manna from Heaven Ministries located in Salem, Oregon where he and his wife Brenda oversee a local congregation. The ministry has an international radio and television presence with over 30 years of trusted, proven ministry service (the last decade and a half leading a Sabbath keeping, Torah observant, and Hebrew Roots assembly). His message incorporates the depths of the Hebrew language and the subtle nuances of the pictographic lettering and their numeric values into the tapestry of his teaching. His extensive background in marriage and family counseling and uncompromising commitment toward a return to the Pure Language of Scripture is the driving force behind the vision of restoring the traditional marriage covenant and family structure according to Torah. David Mathews has written two books: The Rainbow Language: The Sight, Sound & Color of the Holy Tongue and The Serpent's Seed: They're Among Us.

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