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Christopher Alexander Berg
Christopher A. Berg

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The Devil Made Me Do It
by Christopher Alexander Berg


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The Devil Made Me Do It

In this sequel to Christopher A. Berg's poetic masterpiece, Apocrypha, "The Devil Made Me Do It" continues the outsider's journey of the soul but this time through the darkness that surrounds it.

Seemingly possessed, Berg takes us directly into this darkness and gives us a reflection of everything we are inside that we hope to keep hidden.

"The Devil Made Me Do It" is not just a book, it's a portal... and in this portal lies many doors begging to be let open.

Berg once again gives us another piece of absolute brilliance that ensures his name will one day go down as one of the greatest writers of all time.

About the Author

Christopher Alexander Berg began writing in his early teens, mainly as a form of self-therapy. Through time, his writing became much more than a psychiatric reflection of one’s self, and more of a life support system whenever he felt suicidal. Trading blood for ink, his war began... a personal war that targeted the world and everybody in it. It has been said that Berg “bleeds through his pen,” but let’s not forget how much he writes from his heart. Sometimes prophetic, sometimes sadistic... Berg indeed proves there’s a fine line between genius and insanity... but where Berg is on this line, no one really knows.

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The Devil Made Me Do It

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