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Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D.

Books by Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D.

Goldy and Friends and Their Amazing Adventure!
Becoming the Best We Can Be

by Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D.


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Goldy and Friends and Their Amazing Adventure!: Becoming the Best We Can Be

'Goldy and Friends' is an adventure in self-discovery. When we believe that each of us is unique and special, we can discover and develop our potential and become the best we can be. Each of the 'Friends' in the story thought they did not measure up to others. With help, they learned to appreciate themselves and find 'What makes each of them Special!'

Characters demonstrate that age and experience (Goldy) and the possibilities of youth (Grace) are to be valued. Finding our unique potential (Roxy) and taking care of ourselves (Red) helps us be the best we can be. Those who encourage and inspire (Mum, Cocoon) make growth possible.

How we act towards others tells much about our values. Some value looks over behavior to make friends and fit in. Some make fun of and exclude others as a way of making themselves feel special. But those special others, who show kindness and respect and take time to notice the value of each individual, enhance dignity and make our world more beautiful. Enjoy the story.

About the Author

Frederick J. Zorn, Ed.D. is an experienced educator. For over 35 years, he taught and/or administered at all educational levels.

Dr. Zorn created Interest-and-Experience-Oriented innovative approaches to improve Literacy and Academics in K-8th Grades. His tutoring book, ABR: YOU CAN READ!, is designed for adults at beginning and ESL reading levels. His children's book, Charlie Chameleon's First Day at School, deals with bullying, peer pressure and self-image.

Dr. Zorn has a B.A. Degree (Temple University) in Psychology and Education; a Master's and Doctorate (University of Pennsylvania) in Curriculum and Administration, and Superintendent Certification (Arcadia U.). Dr. Zorn has published articles on education, served as a Curriculum Research Associate at Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street), conducted workshops for Adult / Family Literacy, and is a volunteer Adult Literacy Tutor.

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Goldy and Friends and Their Amazing Adventure!
Becoming the Best We Can Be

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