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Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D.
Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D.
Sex Therapist
and Bestselling Author

Books by Dr. Gloria G. Brame

Erotic Awakening
Gloria's Master Sessions

by Dr. Gloria G. Brame

Published under CCB Publishing's imprint
Moons Grove Press

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Erotic Awakening: Gloria's Master Sessions

In Erotic Awakening, legendary sex pioneer and award-winning sex therapist Dr. Gloria Brame teaches you how to tap into your authentic sexual potential. Let her guide you to integrate mind, body, and spirit using the evidence-based techniques for erotic re-awakening that have transformed the lives of thousands of clients in her private practice. We all experience cultural training that tells us what we shouldn't do - instead of showing us how wonderful it can be when we know exactly how to harness our sexy side. That's where Gloria steps in: in a culture where myths and inhibitions about sex keep adults perpetually blocked from their true erotic potential, this guide will tell you the facts about sex, give you exercises to bust out of inhibitions and anxieties in bed, and show you how to blossom into the satisfied sexual adult you were meant to be. Throw away the pills, potions, and struggles and tap into the sexy person you really are. Packed with clinically-tested tools and exercises to relax and re-awaken your primal energies, this book is for ALL adults, regardless of age, gender or orientation.

About the Authors

A former English professor, Gloria Brame first became interested in the study of human sexuality when she got personally involved in the BDSM world, circa 1985. In 1991, she began work on her classic textbook of kink and fetish, Different Loving. Her research into the history and social anthropology of sex transformed her life. She became obsessed with a simple question: who gets to decide what's normal sex? She saw that most theories of masturbation, sexual performance, BDSM/fetish, gender and all non-heteronormative sex and gender expressions were tainted by social prejudices, and has made it her mission to shine a more truthful light on these subjects. Gloria completed her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality specializing in BDSM/fetish in 2000. In her long list of sex books published since then, Gloria has devoted herself to studying the evidence on sex and gender diversity and the psychobiology of sex. Her work has made her a leader in the study of sex, with an international reputation as a pioneer in the field.

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Erotic Awakening

Erotic Awakening: Gloria's Master Sessions

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