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Eileen Curteis
Eileen Curteis
Poet, Artist & Writer
Reiki Master

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by Eileen Curteis


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EXPOSED is relevant for our time. It's about truth incarnate stirring the cauldron of our hearts, stirring the cauldron of our souls. It's the push of God announcing a new era. No one can stop it. The caged birds are flying free! The Song is out and we have to sing it!

The author of these words speaks candidly for herself and for those who are on the Journey with her. Having read Eileen's work, you will go away from it with a sense of celebration knowing that the threshold on which you stand is a good one. Be assured that the vitality of her words will open a portal of the soul that will remain with you long after the reading is over.

In Eileen's book you will find 58 of her original works of art in colour produced over 40 years ago. Accompanying each art piece is a recently divinely inspired poem and two page prose piece addressing a spiritual journey of healing and enlightenment for our time.


"After forty-one years of incubation, Eileen's art has emerged and given birth to the poignant poetry and prose that so well describes both her and our delivery into this century. Exquisite and palpable, her work will live on forever."
- Stephanie Doucette

"Eileen is not just a lovely woman I happen to know who explains her life through poetry; she is a true and serious wordsmith who I would not hesitate to place next to the poems of Goethe, the German novelist and poet."
- Judith Miller

About the Author

About the Author:
For the last 26 years, Eileen Curteis, a Sister of Saint Ann, has been involved in the Reiki Healing Ministry, a revered eastern healing art that she combines with her Christian heritage of healing. A former teacher, principal and educator for 27 years, Eileen shares that her greatest passion now lies in her healing ministry and in the literary arts. She has authored twelve books to date and has become an accomplished poet, artist, and writer, as well as being a producer of seven CDs and three films. She lives in Victoria, BC.

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