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Dave Aquino
Dave Aquino

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Personal War, William's Triumph
by Dave Aquino

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Personal War William's Triumph

William Defreno finally hits the big one after years of battles. Good friends and a successful business. Yet, something is still missing. William is still an outsider, he's no more than an upstart kid, unworthy of interest or respect. William wants to make big changes in his old hometown, but how can he because he's undiscovered and no one wants to listen.

Then along comes a man with a plan. William's new pal Buddy promises him everything he's ever wanted. A secret formula for love and respect that guarantees William will have the power and influence he craves, and a whole new life to go with it... At a cost of course... A cost that leaves William wondering if reaching his goals is worth the required sacrifices.

About the Author

Dave Aquino is the author of several novels, including Personal War, Personal War Part 2, Personal War Part 3, Counselor, The Slot Machine and his latest Personal War, William's Triumph. He is working on his next novel.

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Personal War, William's Triumph

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