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Eileen Curteis
Eileen Curteis
Poet, Artist & Writer
Reiki Master

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Mountain Mover
by Eileen Curteis


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Mountain Mover, written over forty years ago, speaks about the terrifying journey of a soul who wades through the ugly in search of the beautiful. It is the story of a person, who at the beginning of her life, falls more often than she rises, and not until her journey is nearing completion, does she experience the total delivery she is compelled to talk about.

There are no compromises in Mountain Mover - just startling demands! In poetic terms, reality is what it says it is - a thumbnail in a singing bird. Children of Light know this. They are the masters of their own disintegration, intuitively alive to the needs of our universe. They look on moral decay differently than we do. Spiritual geniuses, they say, are born of it. They grow up alongside of us predicting absurdities of wholeness for the future.

Through art and poetry, my reflections speak about these absurdities, about being plunged into the dark side of ourselves where we become whole. They say of redemption that it is a new way of becoming and speak not so much about the shame of humanity as the glory shining through it.

Mountain Mover is the revelation of my own story, a revolutionary one of how out of the nothingness of my clay, Spirit formed me for the journey that is mine.

About the Author

About the Author:
For the last 27 years, Eileen Curteis, a Sister of Saint Ann, has been involved in the Reiki Healing Ministry, a revered eastern healing art that she combines with her Christian heritage of healing. A former teacher, principal and educator for 27 years, Eileen shares that her greatest passion now lies in her healing ministry and in the literary arts. She has authored thirteen books to date and has become an accomplished poet, artist, and writer, as well as being a producer of seven CDs and three films. She lives in Victoria, BC.

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