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Richard Cirulli
Richard Cirulli
Novelist, Poet, Playwright

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Demitasse Divorce
An Existential and Erotic Infidelity?

by Richard Cirulli

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Demitasse Divorce: An Existential and Erotic Infidelity?

Is love merely a one-word cliché?

Demitasse Divorce is a deep existential and erotic love story that breaks our sense of convention and a few taboos about marriage, sexuality, and "infidelity." The setting is the majestic mid-Hudson Valley circa 1992. The story is centered on Elia and Anais, two baby boomers fast approaching middle age, as they attempt to regain their passions and sexuality lost via their failed marriages. Now freed from the responsibilities of parenthood and the obligations of marriage, both are now on a quest to replace their sexual fantasies and regrets with sexual realities. Elia is a gentleman, sophisticated architect, existentialist and spiritual moralist, who stumbles across Anais by some act of synchronicity. Anais is Elia's muse and counterpart being an agnostic, hedonist, and actress. Both find themselves drawn together in a hot and uninhibited affair as they attempt to find harmony in the analogy of their opposites. In their attempt to free themselves from the conventions and taboos of the adolescent bourgeoisie sexual mores, they eventually find themselves shackled to an inescapable mutual love they never anticipated and equally fear - it's a love they are no longer able to navigate.

About the Author

Richard Cirulli is a renaissance man living his life as an author, playwright, columnist, producer, poet, photographer, and songwriter. He has written and produced four off-Broadway plays: Via Delarosa, Roundelay, A Lonely Summit, and Thoughts for a Lost Friend. He is also the author of The Songs of Roland. Richard founded the Demitasse Players, a 501 (c) (3) charity, theatrical troupe dedicated to writing and producing plays and movies with the mission to raise funds for the treatment of mental illness, and to bring about an awareness, and understanding of mental illnesses. The author's complete catalogue of work can be found on his website:

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Demitasse Divorce
An Existential and Erotic Infidelity?

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