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Allan E. Flood, MS
Allan E. Flood, MS
Mental Health & Business Consultant

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Perfect Misfortune
How I Found Hope and Healing
in the Teachings of Sydney Banks
and The Three Principles

by Allan E. Flood, MS
Foreword by Jack Pransky


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Perfect Misfortune: How I Found Hope and Healing in the Teachings of Sydney Banks and The Three Principles

Perfect Misfortune and the four previous editions have been about healing and about emotional and physical recovery in the face of personal crisis and loss. They've each been about discovery, recovering a piece of childhood, and finding part of ourselves we've lost bouncing over the speed bumps of life.

Perfect Misfortune is about our spiritual nature and the healing power of our spiritual nature. The book is meant for anyone with an illness or disease, physical or mental condition, who is struggling.

This book is about three principles - Mind, Thought and Consciousness - discovered originally through an insight by Sydney Banks. These three principles describe our spiritual nature in a way that's healing.

Perfect Misfortune is Allan Flood's continuing, deepening, ever-evolving journey to understand The Three Principles, the good disguised in our worst misfortunes, the learning that comes from them and how the wisdom we acquire in crisis can help us find the best in ourselves and others.

This edition is a "coming home" story. It has fresh insights and humbling discoveries he has made about life and healing over the last five years as he has sought deeper and deeper peace-of-mind.

This book is intended to give comfort and hope to those in life-changing circumstances. The journey has occasionally been harrowing as his ego trips (no pun intended) over deeply held beliefs and reactions but it's always been enriching. The path towards Truth and healing becomes more beautiful with time.

This fifth edition reflects his understanding of Sydney Banks' insights, the power of The Three Principles, and shares what he has discovered over the last five years that is healing. Allan is excited and relieved to simplify the journey, to bring this edition to life and contribute to your healing as well as his own.

So, as he has said in earlier editions of Perfect Misfortune, he invites you to grab the tiger's tail as he shares with you the greatest adventure of his life and what could be the beginning of the greatest adventure of yours as well.

About the Author

Allan Flood, author of Perfect Misfortune and Management by Inspiration, lives in Bend, Oregon. His unique and practical perspective of how to find peace and hope in the face of upsetting personal circumstances comes from living with and coming to peace with multiple sclerosis for 35 years. Allan has extensive business and non-profit experience and has seen how important it is to understand where the human experience comes from. With humor and personal warmth, Allan shares with you his insights and how they can improve your health and well-being.

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