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David Mathews
David Mathews

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Ezekiel's Wheel Within A Wheel
by David Mathews


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Ezekiel's Wheel Within A Wheel

There is no other Prophet who has stood outside the framework of time like Ezekiel! His Visions and the descriptive view given them have been the source of speculation and hypothesis for centuries! There have been many eschatological works treating the book and the Prophet, and many learned men have attempted to mine the depths of its revelation. Yet, for those of us who dared to peek inside its pages there remains to this day an unsolved mystery shrouding much of what is depicted. Indeed, what little knowledge that has been released seemed to have been intentionally disguised from the casual seeker and yet, the Religious Elite feigned an understanding peculiar to their specific divine understanding in a spurious effort to denigrate those of us who were audacious enough to attempt to plumb the depths of what must surely belong to their sacred few!

It was into this labyrinth of misconception and deceit that David Mathews felt drawn some 10 years ago. The journey has been at once both ecstatic and puzzling! As you can imagine, trying to fit a Scriptural Square Peg into the Round Hole of conventional religious thinking was nothing short of daunting! Thankfully, Abba began to take David outside the Box of mainstream opinion and status quo into a place of critical thinking predicated upon a simple formula! Why not let scripture interpret scripture? That being said, he set out to examine every facet of Ezekiel's vision from the angle exposed by the Hebrew language! The one and only measuring device assuring us of a true prospective interpretation! This book contains that! David challenges you to read this work with an open mind and let the chips fall where they may! You will never be the same!

About the Author

David Mathews is the Pastor/Founder of Manna from Heaven Ministries located in Salem, Oregon where he and his wife Brenda oversee a local congregation. The ministry has an international radio and television presence with over 30 years of trusted, proven ministry service (the last decade and a half leading a Sabbath keeping, Torah observant, and Hebrew Roots assembly). His message incorporates the depths of the Hebrew language and the subtle nuances of the pictographic lettering and their numeric values into the tapestry of his teaching. His extensive background in marriage and family counseling and uncompromising commitment toward a return to the Pure Language of Scripture is the driving force behind the vision of restoring the traditional marriage covenant and family structure according to Torah. David Mathews has written three books: The Rainbow Language: The Sight, Sound & Color of the Holy Tongue , The Serpent's Seed: They're Among Us and Ezekiel's Wheel Within A Wheel.

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