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Terry Rajan
Terry Rajan
Romance Mystery Fiction Writer

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Jewels Are Her Vengeance
by Terry Rajan

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Jewels Are Her Vengeance

Adultery doesn’t pay, especially if you are dealing with a smart woman.

Jewels Are Her Vengeance is about a rich, married man having an affair with a young, beautiful and brilliant architect who works for him. Once she discovers he will not leave his family and marry her, she plots to achieve her goals.

Mystery. Intrigue. Romance. Diane Taylor was hoping to get married to her boss, developer Paul Rittman, before her 30th birthday. After a six-year love affair, Paul is backing out of their relationship for the sake of his children. Diane is upset that her lifetime goal of getting married before her 30th birthday is falling apart. One fateful night, in what seems to be a copycat crime, priceless jewels given to Diane, as well as a few million dollars belonging to Paul, are stolen from a safe in Diane’s apartment which is owned by Paul. Only Paul had access to the safe.

Detective Dave Marko shows up and Paul and Diane’s strained relationship snaps as sparks begin to fly. Detective Marko is convinced that Diane set the whole thing up and took the jewels and money, but Diane isn’t talking. What is Diane up to? What is her plan? Does Diane know what happened? Did she do it? If so, how? A remarkably revealing trip to Hawaii is just one step in Dave’s unrelenting desire to get to the bottom of the robbery as the case—and story—unfold. The surprise at the end and Diane’s intelligence and determination amaze Detective Marko.

About the Author

Terry Rajan’s books are unique in style. He takes a subject and explores with curiosity to wield interesting stories with suspense and surprise in the end.

This is Terry’s fourth book. His first three books include Love & Cherish: Till Death Do Us Part, The President’s Daughter, and What is the Connection? He is currently working on his next novel.

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