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James Akenhead, ED.D.
James Akenhead, ED.D.
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Unless You're a Hermit
Success Means Working with People

by James Akenhead, ED.D.


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Unless You're a Hermit Success Means Working with People

Success in a chaotic world does not come easily. This is no quick fix because life doesn’t work with quick fixes. It takes more than passion, and courage. It requires commitment to a learned pattern of actions... a personal model that you use every day. It doesn’t have to be fancy and it includes everything you do.

This book sets out elements that you can use as a blueprint to examine your model. It challenges you to search for the “why” in what you do and it helps you to lock in those essentials that will help guarantee success in your personal and professional life.

About the Author

Dr. James Akenhead has spent more than four decades helping: hospitals, banks, local government, schools, universities, counseling agencies, nursing homes, law enforcement, unions, and social organizations.

Jim has five earned degrees. At twenty-six, he was offered his first school superintendent position. His career includes 23 years in local, county, and city superintendence’s as well as 20 years as a consultant in the public and private sector; as a graduate school instructor; and as a board member and administrator in a variety of organizations.

Jim was selected as a “Distinguished Graduate”, school of technology, at Bowling Green State University, Ohio and, with his wife Charlene, was chosen as “Business and Professional Person of the Year” in their local community. He has been included in seven “who’s who” anthologies and The Eye on Education Digest of Innovators.

Dr. Akenhead is also the author of A School Leaders Playbook (2004), Uncommon Leadership (2005), School Boards: It’s Time To Step Up (2008) and has a chapter titled “Looking at the Frontier” in Focusing the Whole Brain (2004), Edited by Ron Russell. He continues to be active in the Changepoint Consulting group (

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Unless You're a Hermit
Success Means Working with People

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