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James Akenhead, ED.D.
James Akenhead, ED.D.
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Unless You're a Hermit
Success Means Working with People

by James Akenhead, ED.D.


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Table of Contents

Your Personal Model
A Sounding Board

1. The Basics
A Concrete Approach
Prevailing Paradign
Origin of Ideas
The Biggest Challenge
Formal & Informal Power
A Game Plan
Rules of the Game
Basic Operating Principles
Building Chips
Long-Term Success
The Feel-Good Mentality
Developing Trust
Time for Process
Establishing Boundaries
Interest and Expertise
Understanding Momentum

2. Be a Team Player
But, What If...
Structure of Teams
     The Best Kind of Team
     Team Formats
     Other Structures
Maintaining Cohesiveness
Realistic Expectations

3. Be a Team Developer
Identifiable Stages
Recycling and Rebuilding
Task and Process
Necessary Leadership
Point Team

4. History as Foundation
Analyze the “Films”
Interview Strategy
The Right Questions
Manage Judgment
Avoid Paranoia
A Plan for Training

5. Personal Style
Identifying Style
Components of Style
A Best Style
Talk versus Relationship
Style, Comfort, and Competence
Style and Job Expectations
Style Assessment
Choosing Instruments

6. Belief Systems
The Little Voice in My Head
A Computer-Based Analogy
Cultural Awareness
Just Give Me the Facts
Impact on Motivation

7. Intangible Elements
General Areas to be Considered
Scales for Specific Evaluation
     Knowledge Rating Scale
     Experience Rating Scale
     Commitment Rating Scale
     Fear Rating Scale
     Integrity Rating Scale
     Empathy Rating Scale
     Originality Rating Scale
Tabulation and Scoring
Analysis of Results
Make a Plan

8. Intuition and Gut Feelings
A Rational Basis
Intuition and Reality
The Reliability of Intuition
A Structure to Work with Intuition
Where Intuition Takes Place
Enhancing Intuition
Results of the Intuitive Effort
In “The Zone”
Risk Assessment
True Leadership
Presenting Results of Intuition
How People Respond

9. Foundation Skills
Fundamental Skills
     Problem Analysis and Assignment
     Developing Support and Helping Skills
     Self-Disclosure and Confrontation
     Behavior, Labels, and Language
     Productive Dialogue
Solving Problems
Stages of Skill Mastery
     Blissful Ignorance
     Now I’m Really Uncomfortable
     I Think I’ve Got It
     Smooth and Integrated

10. Agreement and Integrity
Maintaining Integrity
Grinding Through Old Stuff
Really Deep Debris
Constructing a Playbook
Inclusion and Camaraderie
Avoid the Set-Up

11. Maximizing Talent
Follow the Playbook
Continuous Evaluation
Beware of the Moving Target
Player Accountability
Player Development
Title versus Functions
Establishing Boundaries
Trouble Spots

12. A Better Game Plan
Scout the Opposition
Organized Practices
Changes in the League
Dress Rehearsals
Listen to the Players
Popularity of the Coach
Empowering Your Team
In Touch with the Owners
What Works

13. Constant Improvement
Practice Formats
Processing and Debriefing
Action Activities
The Total Communication Picture
Props and Tools

14. Time as Context
Personal Perception
Feelings and Philosophy
Adding Structure
Mutual Needs
At Peace with Time

15. Acknowledgment and Unity
Personal Acknowledgment
Group Acknowledgment
Send it Home
Written versus Verbal
Directing Focus

16. Marketing and Perception
Subtle Communication
A Marketing Plan
     Public Relations Project List
Planning Sequence for Marketing
Where to Focus
Marketing as Manipulation
Spotlight Talent
Celebrate Victories

17. Focus Groups and Forums
Size Makes a Difference
Staff Discussion Groups
Tips on Process
Outreach Forums
Organization and Logistics

18. Facilitation and Consensus
Win, Lose, or Draw
A Matter of Opinion
Judging Decisions
Why It Works
No Panacea

19. Stress and Self-Preservation
What Works for You
Finding the Formula
Maintaining a Balance
Capitalizing on Support

Changepoint Perception Assessment

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Success Means Working with People

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