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R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Western Fiction Writer

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Return of the Gun
by R B Conroy


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Return of the Gun

In this savage tale of love, greed, and redemption in America’s early frontier famed lawman, Jon Stoudenmire, is on a quest to find peace at his vineyard paradise. Near his journey’s end and anxious to settle down with his true love Elizabeth Thompson, Jon meets up with his long-lost cousin Cliff Stone. Stone asks Jon to stay and join his fight against greedy gold mining magnate George Stanton. Reluctant at first, after a shootout with one of Stanton’s hired guns, Jon joins the fight. Stanton’s senseless beating of lovely hotel owner Maggie Callahan only intensifies Jon’s resolve. Faced with an angry Jon Stoudenmire, a desperate Stanton brings in a small army of hired guns to try and take him out. The resulting war shatters the myth of invincibility that had grown around Stanton and exposes the inner demons that drive the charming, yet conflicted gunman Jon Stoudenmire.


“Jon Stoudenmire is an unforgettable character.”
- Mike Powell, Roundup Magazine

About the Author

An avid student of America’s early frontier, R B Conroy has turned his passion into another compelling novel, Return of the Gun. Return is his second novel and a stand alone sequel to his popular first novel Devil Rising. In addition to the books mentioned above, Conroy has also written short stories about America’s west. He resides in Leesburg, Indiana with his wife Cheryl, where he’s hard at work on his next project.

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