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Judith L. Sawyer
Judith L. Sawyer
Children's Author & Illustrator

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This Is How I Pray
by Judith L. Sawyer


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This Is How I Pray

This Is How I Pray is a one of a kind book written with children ages 1-10 in mind. It is a learning tool that instills values. It is written to help children understand not just how to pray but why we pray. The book provides a description of God our Heavenly Father, how He chose our parents, their earthly role for us, how He gave all of us a purpose and how to pray. This book teaches children the sign of the cross and has a prayer about being grateful, thankful, forgiving and serving. It’s a great learning tool for the classroom, to be enjoyed at home, or as a going to bed book too. We hope you enjoy reading this book with the children in your life!

About the Author

Judith L. Sawyer is a Catholic, born and raised, and has a psychology degree specializing in Marriage and Family. Her inspiration comes first from her cousin Adolf Alexander Noser, S.V.D. who was an Arch Bishop in Papua New Guinea whom lived his whole life serving God, wrote a few books himself and when she was 7 he blessed her. Currently he is going through the beatification stage of being canonized a saint. His book Living with God in My Heart will soon be republished.

Judith’s inspiration also comes from her children. She is a mother of three and was searching for a book to teach them how to pray and who God was. Not being able to find one resulted in the writing of this book.

She writes, “My children are significant to me because when I was 27 I had a brain tumor with a rare disease and was told it was improbable that I would ever have children. So for them I am grateful to God. I since have formed The Hope Fund which is a small not-for-profit charity that raises money for the poor at Christmas time. I believe that God uses everyone for His purpose and I wanted to share that with children when they are young so they understand the gravity of their lives from a higher perspective. I love God for my life and am ever so grateful to be able to share my experiences to help in my own little way to make the world a better place for our children.”

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This Is How I Pray

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