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Mary M. Hale, RNC, MSN, SRN, SCM
Mary M. Hale

Retired Nurse-Midwife

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Beyond Nurses Notes
A Journey to Choose Life

by Mary M. Hale, RNC, MSN, SRN, SCM


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Beyond Nurses Notes: A Journey to Choose Life

Beyond Nurses Notes – A Journey to Choose Life by Mary M. Hale (RNC, MSN, SRN, SCM), intertwines her stories from Pediatrics and Obstetrics over a period of 27 years of her service at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. She includes several anecdotes from her 10-year career working in Uganda under the rule of the villainous leader Idi Amin, serving five of them as a nursing supervisor. Hale believes these experiences with her patients in the United States and abroad taught her about humanity and made her the person she is, allowing her to “choose life” for herself.

Hale also shares her journey through her surgical experience as a patient. In 2008, she chose life and survived a six-week hospitalization for quadruple cardiac bypass surgery and a hysterectomy to eliminate cancer which was successful. This is her second book about nursing.


“Mary Hale’s ability to write about the unique nurse-patient relationship was evident throughout her years at Albert Einstein Medical Center as the author of “Tales from the Comfort Basket” and “Maternity Matters.” This insight is clearly demonstrated in her second book Beyond Nurses Notes - A Journey to Choose Life, as she reflects on her extensive career in Pediatrics and Maternity. Mary Hale once again captures the essence of nursing with imagination, wonder and a well-honed sense of humor. As a professional colleague in nursing, I eagerly await her third book!”
Mary Beth Kingston, RN, MSN - Chief Nurse Executive
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network

“We first met Mary Hale in 1976, after seeing her riding her bike (in full nurse’s uniform!) through the streets of Jinja, Uganda (East Africa). In Jinja, Mary not only worked as a nurse/midwife, but she went the extra mile by teaching the local nurses enrolled in the Government-sponsored graduate nursing program. Just about everyone in Jinja knew Mary and respected her.
We were delighted to hear that Mary had written another book - one which highlights her vast experience in the medical field, stretching all the way from the hospitals of Africa right here to the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Mary’s hometown, Philadelphia. We know that anyone who picks up her book and reads it will find it both entertaining and enlightening.”

Paul and Helen Wagabaza, Middleton, Wisconsin

About the Author

Mary M. Hale, RNC, MSN, SRN, SCM, has been a Nurse-Midwife for 35 years. Ten of those years she served under the Ministry of Health in Uganda, East Africa where she set up the first post-graduate pediatric nursing program. Hale has written about these experiences in her first book On Uganda’s Terms telling the obstacles to saving lives under the worst of circumstances while working tirelessly against the odds of Idi Amin.
She retired after 27 years in Pediatrics and Obstetrics at Albert Einstein Medical Center, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2006. Her first year of retirement was spent writing her autobiography On Uganda’s Terms. In her second year she finished Beyond Nurses Notes – A Journey to Choose Life.

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A Journey to Choose Life

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