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Mary M. Hale, RNC, MSN, SRN, SCM
Mary M. Hale

Retired Nurse-Midwife

Books by Mary M. Hale

Beyond Nurses Notes
A Journey to Choose Life

by Mary M. Hale, RNC, MSN, SRN, SCM


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Table of Contents




Reciprocity Nursing

Tales from the Comfort Basket
Why History – in Maternal Pain Management
A Sign of the Times – Comfort Science
Comfort for Whom by Joanne Slutsky, BA, RN,C
Comfort by Anita Bond, RN,C
Comfort from a Basket by Mary Kampf, RN,C
Daddy Long Legs
Fireworks Comfort by Ruth Noesner, RN,C
The Godmother’s Necklace
First Toy
The World of the Five Year Old
John Henry by Joanne Slutsky, BA, RN,C
Mr. Lemon
Sad Pumpkins
Short of Breath
The Purple Dinosaur
Conversation: Sir Sam Beagle Versus Bently Pitbull
Warm Christmas Socks
Love’s Request
Clifford Who?
Nursing Exemplified by Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.

Conceptual Model

Maternity Matters
Happy Birthday!
Family Centered Maternity Model: AFRICAN STYLE
Ethical Options
Identity Dyad
Social Baby
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Any Port in a Storm – The Blizzard of 2005
Breastfeeding: Successful or Unsuccessful
Close Call
Infection 24/7
Miracle Baby
Relaxation Breathing
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Social Service
Teamwork for Life
Twenty-four to Sixty-five
Relaxation Breathing for Two
Progress from Portugal
Length in Love
From Russia With Love
First Time Dad and Doctor
Boy or Girl
Remember Me
Rosary Beads
The Cord
Time Out
Do You Want the Book Back?
Brian’s Song
The Saga of the Boarder Babies
This Time Is All You Have
Life Interrupted


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A Journey to Choose Life

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