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The Chancery Murders
Volume 2 of The Rosanada Trilogy

by Josue Raul Conte


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The Chancery Murders

When various members of the Rosanada Archdiocesan Chancery are brutally murdered, Cristian Forte, homicide detective for the Rosanada Police Department, is determined to find the killer. Disillusioned with seminary life and the scandals in the Church, Forte dropped out of the seminary and became a detective instead of a priest, but still burns with a deep desire for truth, justice, and a holy Church. His quest to find the killer involves him in the lives of many in the contemporary Church who have a lot to hide and are lost in evils of their own making. As he strives to make sense of the Church today, he gradually strips away the layers of deception that hide the killer until the exciting conclusion when all is laid bare and the truth is told.

About the Author

Son of an American mother and a Spanish father, Josué Raúl Conte, a native of Andorra, a principality in the Pyrenees, was born in 1969. After his early education with the Jesuits, he enrolled at the Opus Dei University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, where he received his doctorate in medieval philosophy and literature. During his years at the university, he became a member of the Neo-catechumenal Way, but later was very disillusioned with the stringent constraints of ultraconservative Catholicism and adopted a more moderate approach to the faith and dropped out of the Way. Having taught at various colleges and universities, he is now a freelance journalist, living in San Francisco with his second wife Alicia and Ivan, their Russian wolfhound. He is also the author of The Stones Cry Out! and Rosanada Requiem that continue the story that began and complete the Rosanada Trilogy.

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The Chancery Murders
Volume 2 of The Rosanada Trilogy

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