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Jack E. George, M.A.
Jack E. George, M.A.
Special Education Teacher

CCB Publishing is pleased to have assisted with the pre-press production and ongoing distribution
of Jack E. George's book The Autism Handbook published by #1 Book Publishers.

Books by Jack E. George, M.A.

The Autism Handbook
Easy to Understand Information, Insight, Perspectives
and Case Studies from a Special Education Teacher

by Jack E. George, M.A.


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The Autism Handbook: Easy to Understand Information, Insight, Perspectives and Case Studies from a Special Education Teacher

Once you have seen an autistic child that is what you have seen – one, unique individual. Jack E. George is a veteran Special Education teacher who has taught some of the most difficult autistic children to go through the California school systems. The Autism Handbook is a snapshot of some of the children he has worked with and is gently layered with easy to understand information on diagnosis, dealing with the American school systems and parental advice. This is a must read book for families, friends, college students, teachers, social workers or anyone struggling to understand this complicated disability.


“Jack E. George, M.A. knows about autism! He has spent 15 years with autistic children and their families as a classroom teacher, family consultant, tutor, group home worker and volunteer. With unflagging honesty, Jack recounts his own struggles to make a difference in the lives of his students and their families while describing typical behaviors and characteristics of children he has known. The stories of these courageous students are full of examples of ways to communicate and diminish unacceptable behavior. The Autism Handbook is a practical guide for the lay person trying to understand autism. Parents, para-educators, prospective special education teachers and others new to the field will find this handbook to be a fascinating introduction to the world of the autistic child.”
- Dr. Barbara Kammerlohr, Professor of Special Education

“In The Autism Handbook, Jack E. George provides us with the opportunity to understand Autism not only from an educational view but from an intimate and personal aspect. One can only gain and grow from reading this inspiring book. His words allow the reader to begin to understand the global aspect of the challenging condition. This is a must read.”
- Jacqueline Andersen, CCC, MA

“The Autism Handbook is an invaluable resource for parents. The book aims to give the best treatment for an autistic child. Jack E. George shows, through a series of cases, a practical guide to extend the vision of teachers, psychologists, pediatricians, and all those professionals interested in autism. It is an enjoyable read and is a book you should not miss.”
- Edson Ruiz Zabaleta, M.A.M. Professor of Centro de Estudios Superiores del Noroeste (CESUN), Universidad Iberoamericana del Noroeste (UIA) and Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC).

About the Author

Jack E. George earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of California, Stanislaus. After graduating he began his career in education. He quickly realized how many students fell behind in the system yet were promoted year after year. He opened the first tutoring center in Stanislaus County to try and meet the needs of some of these students. After the success of the center he opened Creekside Private School for Grades K-9. This is where he began mainstreaming - placing students with various educational disabilities into a regular classroom. He went on to earn his Master of Arts Degree in Special Education from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California. His training also includes the specialized TEACCH program, the PECS system, ABA and others. He is currently living in Baja California, Mexico where he has started a non-profit organization to assist people with disabilities. He is also writing his next book, The Autistic Adult Handbook.

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The Autism Handbook
Easy to Understand Information, Insight, Perspectives
and Case Studies from a Special Education Teacher

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