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R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Contemporary & Western
Fiction Writer

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In My Father's Image
Life in the Shadows of a Local Legend

by R B Conroy


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In My Father's Image

In the midst of high level meetings in Paris, bank executive Dan Kinsey receives the shocking news about his father's unexpected death. Shaken, he rushes back to his hometown in Indiana for the funeral. His father, a local basketball legend in this tough, blue-collar town, draws a huge crowd to his memorial service. Dan feels conflicted inside as he listens to the glowing accolades about his mercurial father.

Seeking closure, Dan opens the door to his troubled past and takes the reader on an emotional journey into a world of pick-up basketball games, angry beatings from a drunken father and bloody gang fights on school playgrounds. Rewinding to the present, Dan feels compelled to visit one of his father's favorite haunts on the city's tough west side and discovers a shocking truth that will forever change his life.

This powerful story of a middle-aged man struggling to pick up the pieces of a broken childhood will both inspire and sadden you and possibly leave you thinking about your own journey through life.

About the Author

In his most recent novel, R B Conroy goes back to his childhood roots to write a compelling tale about the son of a Hoosier legend. His love and understanding of his beloved home state of Indiana is evident throughout this heart wrenching story of a troubled hero and his dark side. As we speak, Conroy is hard at work on his next novel.

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In My Father's Image
Life in the Shadows of a Local Legend

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