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Leonida Lidman
Leonida Lidman
Diabetes Researcher

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Controlling Fluctuations of Diabetes Blood Glucose,
Healing and Preventing Nerve Damage
with Baby's Milk

by Leonida Lidman


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Table of Contents


Chapter I: Early Symptoms of Diabetes:
The Urgent Phone Call from Prudential and the Medical Treatment that Followed
    (a) Comments on Blood Glucose
    (b) The Difference Between High Blood Sugar and Low Blood Sugar
    (c) What to Do
    (d) Causes
1. Recommendations for Ketone Testing
2. HbAIC Blood Test and Daily Blood Tests

Chapter II: Exercise
    (a) Walking
    (b) Self Blood Glucose Monitoring and Exercise
    (c) Aerobic Stages of Exercise
    (d) Exercise Times
    (e) Frequency

Chapter III: Controlling Fluctuations in Blood Glucose from Sudden Sugar Highs to Sugar Lows
    - 1992 Food Exchange Plan
    - Causes and Effects of Sudden Fluctuations of Blood Glucose
    - Glycemic Index
    - International Tables of Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL)
    - New Glucose Revolution Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook
    - Shoppers’ Guide to GI Values
    - The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    - Glycemic Load (GL)
    - Other Discovered Information about Table Sugar, White Bread, Sugar Substitute
    - Solution to Sudden Fluctuations of Insulin Level to Sudden Sugar Highs and Sugar Lows

Chapter IV: Long-Term Diabetes Complications
1. Diabetic Renal (Kidney) Disease (Nephropathy)
    (a) What Kidneys Do
    (b) How to Prevent Diabetes Kidney Problems
    (c) Protecting Kidneys During Special X-ray Tests
    (d) Sign of Kidney Damage
    (e) When Kidneys Fail
    (f) How to Find Out Kidney Problems
    (g) How to Test for Ketones
2. Diabetic Eye Disease (Retinopathy)
3. Nerve Damage (Neuropathy) Definition, Causes, Treatment
    (a) How to Take Care of the Feet
    (b) What the Nervous System Does
    (c) How Diabetes Damages the Peripheral Nerves
    (d) How Diabetes Damages the Autonomic Nerves
    (e) Restless Leg Syndrome

Chapter V: How Baby’s Milk Healed My Diabetes Nerve Damage; Physical Aches and Pains
Positive Benefits of Taking Baby’s Milk on My:
    (1) Fingernails
    (2) Knuckles & Joints
    (3) Calluses & Cracks on Feet and Cuticles
    (4) Painful Hands and Arms and Leg Muscles
    (5) Dried, Flaky, Itchy Skin on Face, Neckline, Arms, Legs
    (6) Chronic Upper Respiratory Problems; General Flu-like Discomfort
    (7) Restless Legs Have Calmed Down
    (8) Dramatic Increase in Physical Stamina and Ability to Sustain Energy
    (9) Hydration of Skin that Diminished Wrinkles on Face, Arms, Neck Which Gives Youthful Appearance


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Healing and Preventing Nerve Damage
with Baby's Milk

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