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Nick L. Sacco
Nick L. Sacco
Freelance Journalist & Author

Books by Nick L. Sacco

In Heaven Kittens Play
The Blue Angel and Her Garden of Pets

written by Nick L. Sacco
Illustrated by Julie Nixon and David Marak

© 2010

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In Heaven Kittens Play

The loss of a pet through death is not the end but only the beginning. A special garden cared for by a loving angel awaits those creatures who pass over. There they play in peace and without fear, forever loved by this special being.


“The story touched my heart from the beginning and provided a sense of peace to the grief over the loss of a pet.”
- Merry Drew

“I found it extremely touching and reassuring that our furry kids are happy and will be waiting for us on the other side.”
- Linda Brown

“I was so touched by “In Heaven Kittens Play.” I too, have shared my life with many precious pets... most of them rescued. I believe and find comfort that they have a special place to live forever. I thought that Nick did a wonderful job of describing his incredible experiences with the Blue Angel. The only times I found it difficult to read, were the times when I was brought to tears. I found it very engaging and, as a great lover of our innocent animal friends, very comforting about where they go when they leave us. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it highly.”
- Debbie Erikson

About the Author

Nick L. Sacco started writing as a journalist for his high school paper in the small town of Cuba, Missouri. After graduation and a stint in the United States Marine Corps he continued as a contri-buting writer for newspaper and magazines plus worked as a radio disc jockey. Nick’s writing would eventually go on an extended sabbatical while he worked as a police motorcycle officer in Kansas City, Missouri, retiring in 2004. Through his wife Alisa’s work with Kansas City Siamese Rescue, Nick came into contact with hundreds of rescued cats and kittens. While no longer an animal rescue volunteer, Nick shares his home with a handful of beautiful cats and one overweight Cocker Spaniel, Buddy, who thinks he is a cat.

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