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R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Contemporary & Western
Fiction Writer

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Deadly Game
by R B Conroy


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Deadly Game

Alex Crane is on top of the world. President of one of the largest banks in the country, an early retirement to beautiful Lake Wawasee is not far away. But when a routine audit reveals that tens of millions of dollars have been skimmed from his bank’s IRA accounts, his apparently secure world is turned upside down. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of a nightmarish scheme involving subprime mortgages, bailout money, FBI thugs, mobsters, and eventually murder.

The resulting story takes the reader on a fast-paced journey into the upper echelons of our Federal Government and our financial empire. When Alex’s life is threatened, an unexpected source gives him the ammunition he needs to fight back against the awesome forces massed against him. In the climactic conclusion, Alex makes a daring move against the most powerful man in the world and goes for the win in the “Deadly Game” of power politics.

About the Author

R B Conroy resides in Leesburg, Indiana with his wife Cheryl. A native Hoosier, R B takes a page from his third book and once again writes about his home state in his most recent effort Deadly Game. This fast-paced thriller begins in Indianapolis and ends with an unforgettable scene near the shores of beautiful Lake Wawasee in northern Indiana. As we speak, Conroy is hard at work on his next project.

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