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Leon Dalman
Erotica Fiction Author/Photographer

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The Leda Ladies Volume One
A Photo-Journal About Women Who Spank and Discipline Their Men
by Leon Dalman


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A Visit to Aunt Rita's

This is the first in a series of pictorial books about a group of women who enjoy dominating men in a traditional or domestic manner and call themselves, the Leda Ladies. They originated at Leda Studios in San Marcos, California when author and editor, Leon Dalman, launched a company called Leda Productions which produced and distributed publications and videos portraying female domination in a traditional manner. The women he hired to be in the videos became addicted to their roles and adapted it to their personal lives. They gave themselves the title of Leda Ladies. Admission to the club was easy: be able to put on high heels, take a man across her lap and spank him till he cried. As more and more people watched the Leda Videos or read the publications, more women wanted recognition as “Leda Ladies” and would order their husbands or boyfriends to write and verify it by describing the spanking or caning he just got. This book is about the original Leda Ladies and even it does not cover the full story of these ladies. There will be more.

About the Author

Leda Productions was a great financial success to its founder, Leon Dalman, but only if he continually fed it with new videos and magazines which took a great deal of creativity. The only way he could maintain this creativity was to live the actual life of a submissive. That meant giving a thing called “the power” to a Leda Lady. Leda Ladies loved it when a man gave them the power. It meant she could be totally dominant with him and he would be totally obedient to her any time she wanted. At one point of his career, Leon Dalman was involved with five different women who had “the power” over him. When he would get a new model and she was really good, he would say, “Here I go again, creating a monster.” If you buy the book, the pictures will show you what Leon meant. Checkout Leda Productions’ large selection of free video previews at:

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