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Sharon Licht
Sharon Licht
Children's Author & Poet

Books by Sharon Licht

Magic Marmalade
A Tale of the Moonlight Fairies

Written by Sharon Licht
Illustrated by James Browne


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Magic Marmalade

A fictional story about a young girl who wanders into an enchanted wood and discovers a magical world of fairies and elves; a place where wishes are made and where dreams come true. A group of magical fairies, a band of elves, and a troll add to the story the elements of fantasy and childlike wonder. Magic Marmalade is an enchanting tale of discovery for children of all ages with a truly heartwarming and happy ending.

About the Author & Illustrator

From a young age, Sharon E. Licht has loved to write fictional stories, poetry and verse. Over the years, Sharon has written numerous poems, greeting card verse, and song lyrics. Sharon has been blest with two wonderful children, four beautiful grandchildren, and one great grandchild. After a twenty-eight year career as a management secretary for a major newspaper publishing company, Sharon now enjoys more time to devote to her passion of writing. With this book, Sharon has created an enchanted forest where sightings of fairies and elves are a usual occurrence and where magical things happen.

James Browne is a most gifted artist who specializes in painting faeries, elves and other fictional characters in an enchanted forest setting. Jamesí passion and emotion for his work comes through his brushes when he paints, as seen in his magnificent artwork. James has given substance to the characters in this book by putting down on the page what can only be imagined. It is through Jamesí stunning creations that the story of Magic Marmalade has come to life.

Both the Author and the Artist reside in the State of Pennsylvania where its abundance of natural woodlands, rushing rivers, meandering streams, and winding country roads offers many unique places for imagination to roam.

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