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Linda L. Stampoulos
Linda L. Stampoulos
Historian & Biographer

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Two on a Bridge
A Guidebook Using Ancient Insight to Unleash
the Healing Powers that Surround Us

by Linda L. Stampoulos


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Two on a Bridge Guidebook

Volumes have been written to address personal problems and dedicate themselves to the theme of “self help.” The term itself seems to place the responsibility of healing on the individual who is already expressing a need for assistance. Often the mire and the muck we find ourselves in require more energy to cope than we alone can give.

This guidebook can be another approach to healing. Two on a Bridge picks up where “self help” leaves off. Through guided discussion, you and someone you choose will begin to explore the ancient powers and energy sources that surround us today.

In addition to the guidebook you will benefit from having the companion workbook. The workbook suggests activities you and your partner can complete during your time together. These activities are designed to help you access the different energy sources and hopefully make them a part of your life.

The basic concept is quite simple:
Strength and healing can be enhanced when two join together, share a short journey, and discover the healing energy that can come from the power of two.

About the Author

Linda L. Stampoulos lives in New Jersey, and often travels to the West to research material for her books. After completing her Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees at Montclair State University, she went on to Columbia University to earn her Doctorate in Education. She has taught at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels in the Schools of Health Foundations and Educational Foundations at Montclair State University. A large portion of her curriculum included the works of Joseph Campbell. In addition, she has devoted over twenty-five years to work in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services.

Her last book, The Redemption of Black Elk was published in English as well as in German, Black Elks Vermachtnis. She has also contributed to the Images of America series: Visiting the Grand Canyon, Views of Early Tourism which was listed among the Southwest Books of the Year, Best Reading 2004. In addition, she has previously worked on several projects with Native American author Kenny Shields, Jr. to produce: Fort Peck Indian Reservation; The Little Bighorn, Tiospaye; and The Grand Canyon: Native People and Early Visitors. These and other works can be found at

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