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Susan Kohler
Susan Kohler
Adult Romance Fiction Writer

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Dreaming of Tomorrow
by Susan Kohler


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Dreaming of Tomorrow

Emily thought she had to solve all her problems before she could live life to the fullest, and boy did she have problems: She needed to lose a lot of weight, and she was the sole caregiver for her parents who both had serious health problems. Emily loved them both dearly, but sometimes she felt trapped. The only way out seemed to be losing her parents and that was something she couldn’t face.

She told herself that someday, in the future, she would lose the weight, finish school, find a good job, a great guy to love and be happy. She put her faith in God that the future would not come too soon.

Fate, luck, or the hand of God stepped in, when Kate talks Emily into working behind the scenes at a charity horse show. She was scared of the horses, but she met the most gorgeous man she had ever seen, and he wasn’t only gorgeous but also considerate and very interested in Emily.

Emily bloomed around David: slimming down, learning to ride, and gaining confidence. David helped her find the fun, confident woman Emily had hidden inside herself. He even helped her with her parents. She learned that you can’t wait for the perfect time and place to fall in love. You have to grab life with both hands and live it to the fullest.

That’s what it takes to really live a life filled with passion and love.

About the Author

Susan Kohler lives in Southern California with her Boston Terrier, Oreo. She’s semi-retired, and writes in her spare time. This is her seventh published book, and she’s had one of her previous books translated into Spanish. This is her fourth romance. The first, The Heart of The Beast, is a dark historical romance, but the other three, Working Romance, Who’s Taming Who? and Dreaming of Tomorrow are contemporary.

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