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Gerald Pruett
Gerald Pruett
Science Fiction Writer

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Legacy: Phoenix and the Dark Star
by Gerald Pruett


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Legacy: Phoenix and the Dark Star

Legacy: Phoenix and the Dark Star
is a continuation of the story from
Legacy: The Mark of Merlin.

In Savannah, Georgia, on Halloween night, the benevolent sorceress Ellen Anderson learns from Andie Cornell (a fifteen-year-old medium) that she had drawn the attention of a sinister wizard from New Orleans who practices an elite type of magicóa type of magic that Ellen has never heard of before. As Ellen puts a plan into motion to defend herself, she meets several individuals who will stand with her when she faces the sinister wizard. Among Ellenís new allies is the eighteen-year-old Seminole shaman and vampire hunter Winona (Winnie) Rivers.

Winona and her crew (Riley and Brad) had been sent to Savannah, Georgia to capture and execute two vampires. The two vampires donít feed on humans though; however, Winona has never met a vampire that didnít. When Winonaís group, Ellenís group and the two vampires come face to face with one another, Ellen demands irrefutable proof that the two vampires are in fact feeding on humans before she will allow Winonaís group to execute them.

As a compromise, Winona agrees to let Ellenís group cast the ĎMemory Talebearerí spellóa spell that transfers memories from an individual to anyone within range of the spellóon the vampires, and so the two vampires were taken to a secluded location in order to do so. Once there, Winona shares her story about how she had become a vampire hunter.

About the Author

Gerald Pruett was born and raised in St. Louis. His interest in writing spans many years and is a contributor to Fan-Fiction on the internet. Continually striving to improve his writing, Gerald is currently working on his next project. Mr. Pruettís first published book was A Crossed Reality.

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