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Klaus Bohn
Klaus Bohn
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Legacy and Illusions
Abstract and Artistic Photography

by Klaus Bohn, MPA, F/SPPA, A


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Legacy and Illusions: Abstract and Artistic Photography

Through his latest work Legacy and Illusions, Klaus Bohn explores abstract and artistic photography. Klausí work takes the viewer through a journey of imagination, creativity and passion, all the while employing numerous different photographic techniques and printing methods to truly express his feelings and achieve his vision.

His work also explores unique compositional elements as well as the use of space, depth and forms in many of his photographs. Discussing techniques from both the great artists and photographers of our time, this work reveals how you too can give form, balance, emotions, feelings and passion to your own photographs. Let your imagination soar and start feeling more deeply about photography.

Praise Received

"Klaus has produced a great body of work and has also developed the talent to put into words the deeper meaning of his photographs."
Ken Whitmire, M.Photog., CR, FASP

"Just for a little while, let Klaus be your mentor. His struggling for creativity is revealing, is so evident. Reach out to grab it. Resolve to integrate this highly saleable touch of class into your daily output."
Jack Curtis, author, "Wedding Portraits and Photography World"

About the Author

Over the years Klaus Bohn has worked to develop his unique style and received his Fellowship (F/SPPA) and Craftsman (CPA) in 1987 and his Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA) in 1989. He has also received his Accreditation in Child Photography along with many other awards for Excellence in Photography.

His insights, gained from decades of discovery, are shared to assist all photographers capture more creative and vibrant images. You too will be feeling more deeply about photography, which is Klaus Bohnís brand.

Klaus has completed two previous books, 50 Principles of Composition in Photography (2006) and The Art Within Portrait Photography (2007). Klaus may be contacted directly through his Photographic Art web site:

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Legacy and Illusions
Abstract and Artistic Photography

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