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R B Conroy
R B Conroy
Contemporary & Western
Fiction Writer

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Evil in Paradise
by R B Conroy


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Evil in Paradise

Cathy Roberts has it allóan exciting life in a fabulous retirement community, a beautiful home, an expensive automobile, a doting husband, and five wonderful grandchildren. But it isnít enough for the attractive, well-spoken Cathy. Filled with an insatiable desire for self-gratification, she wants more. Then, as fate would have it, she meets a handsome and single ex-truck driver, Eric Lowe, and the sparks begin to fly. Captivated by the exciting and much younger Lowe, she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, free from the constraints of her marriage. During a chance meeting with a troubled Harley rider at a local bar, Cathy finds her ticket to freedom. The resulting story takes the reader on a gripping journey filled with broken promises, forbidden liaisons, violent confrontations, and finally, murder.

About the Author

In his fifth novel, R B Conroy uses the setting of his winter home in central Florida to create yet another murder-mystery thriller. The Villages, Florida, a di-verse and exciting community, provides the backdrop for this spine tingling tale of greed, deception, and murder. As this book goes to print, Conroy is hard at work on the outline for his next exciting novel.

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Evil in Paradise

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