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Cynthia Attar
Cynthia Attar
Ex-Mule Trainer
Animal Communicator & Healer

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Profound Insights from Animals and Nature
by Cynthia Attar


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Profound Insights from Animals and Nature

Animals and nature have intelligence, why not a voice? Pets teach us how to be happy and balanced, if we could only hear their message. What wise words do trees offer, if we could take it all in? Does the wind give off more than simply scattered thoughts? Is the river concerned about unplanned changes within its banks?

This fascinating book, Profound Insights with Animals and Nature, displays 67 telepathic chats the author has had with a variety of nature elements: animals, birds, fish, trees, the moon, even a forest fire, and more. If you value nature and are open minded, Profound Insights will surely expand your awareness of what is possible within this seemingly quiet world of living beings.

About the Author

Cynthia Attar surrounds herself with animals and nature on her small farm of mules, goats, cats, dogs, and poultry in the desert of Central Washington State. As a sensitive, Cynthia enjoys the challenge of making and keeping deals with ants, listening to a stink bug’s importance of existence, and requesting the land to easily give way to desired improvements. Living in the freedom of “no man’s land,” Cynthia is inspired to write and commune on a higher level.

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Profound Insights from Animals and Nature

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